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iScience Readers, Level A

Product Number: NH-ISPBA2
Includes all 10 books in iScience Level A (K-2 grade) - Air and Weather: Where'd My Hat Go?, Animal Needs: Who's New at the Z...

Includes all 10 books in iScience Level A (K-2 grade) - Air and Weather: Where'd My Hat Go?, Animal Needs: Who's New at the Zoo?, Balance and Motion: Toying With Gravity, Fabric: It's Got You Covered!, Insects: Which One Doesn't Belong?, New Plants: Seeds in the Soil Patch, Paper from Wood: Dollhouse Decisions, Pebbles, Sand, & Silt: The Neighbor's Garden, Solids and Liquids: Who Messed Up My Sand?, Trees: Worlds Within Leaves The following features appear in each book in the series: iScience Puzzle This puzzle encourages critical thinking skills. Using real-life situations, the puzzle introduces a problem that an understanding of science can help solve. The text takes the reader through science concepts, continually referring to the puzzle while the reader can start to solve the puzzle using reasoning and the process of elimination. Discover Activity Contains a hands-on activity that helps the reader connect the puzzle to science by observing science in action. Solve the iScience Puzzle After the necessary concepts have been explained, the reader is encouraged to solve the puzzle. If there is more than one way to solve it, the readers decides which solution they would choose. Beyond the Puzzle Includes further challenges to reinforce the concepts and stretch the imagination. Science at Work A section on careers in science that relate to the books topic. Connecting to History Relates an interesting historical perspective or milestone in the science topics history.

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